Specimen Copy - To be typed on a Company Letterhead

An agreement is reached between M/s________________(here in after called "The Employer") and Mr._____________ of Indian nationality holder of passport No_______________________(here in after called The Employee).

The Employee accepts and is willing to work for the Employer as ____________________on the following terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions:

1.  Salary
The Employer shall pay the Employee a monthly salary of QR_______________inclusive of food allowance.
2.  Working Hours
The normal working hours will be 8 (eight) hours per day six days per week.
3.  Probationary Period
The employment is subject to a probationary period of 3(three) months. If during the probationary period the Employee proves unsuitable to be requirement of the Employer, he will be repatriated to his country of origin at his own expenses.
4.  Duration of Contract
The Contract is valid for a period of Two years. This Contract is effective from actual commencement of work by the Employee in Dubai. This Contract can be renewed for a further period with mutual written consent.
5.  Other Benefits / Conditions
The Employer shall provide the following benefits to the Employee:
6.  Overtime Payment
The Employer shall require the Employee to work overtime whenever necessary (including holidays). Such overtime will be paid as per Qatari labour law.
7.  Medical Facilities & Insurance
Medical facilities are currently provided on nominal charges in State of UAE. The First party shall insure the Second Party for indemnification in the event of the Second Party undergoing accidents, disability or death while on duty.
8.  Termination of Contract
This Contract can be terminated by giving one-month notice by either party.


Both parties have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this Employment Contract is full and have signed in agreement.

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Employer Date: Employee Date: