Documents required for Saudi Visa Processing in India

Melco Management Consultants., Mumbai, India, one of the leading recruitment and human resources consultants provides Saudi Visa Processing assistance to Saudi /Gulf Employers & individuals for recruitment and hiring Indian talent :

1. Saudi Visa Processing at the Saudi Consulate in Mumbai & Saudi Embassy in New Delhi.

In order to streamline visa processing formalities at Saudi Consulate in Mumbai and Saudi Embassy in Delhi, we required the following documents :

a)  Electronic Vakala (Letter Of Authority) - Click Here to see a specimen copy

1- Saudi / Gulf Employers - Recruitment Services
     Send us your detailed Demand Letter - Click Here

2- Saudi Visa Processing Services for Saudi Employers
     Send us your e-vakala in our favour - Click Here

3- Saudi Family Visa Processing Services
     Send us your e-vakala in our favour - Click Here

4- Saudi Visit/Business Visa Processing Services
     Get Visa from Saudi Sponsor & e-vakala in our favour - Click Here

5- Attestation of Documents for Job Seekers
     Degree/Diploma/Marriage/Children's Birth Certificates etc - Click Here

6- Air-Tickets for Gulf Sectors
     Send us your departure/Arrival details/Passport/Visa Copies - Click Here

7- Emmigration Services for Gulf Job Seekers
     Contact us Personally with Passport/Visa Copies - Click Here

8- Job Seekers for Gulf
     Apply Online - Click Here

b) Visa approval letter issued by the Ministry of Interior, stipulating visas issued to various Countries including India / Nepal

c) A copy of CR No. issued by the Chamber of Commerce & Industries

On receipt of these documents, we assist employers, individuals & NRIs etc in organizing seamless extension of the following services:

  I) Issue of MOFA & Medical to the candidates
 II) Payment of Saudi Visa Processing Fees
III) Submission and collection of Passports after visa stamping
V) Attestation of Degree/Diploma Certificates

We shall provide a copy of Recruiting License approved by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, New Delhi, on receipt of your specific request.

2. Emigration Clearance at POE

In ordier to get emigration clearance for deployment of candidates for Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries, we required the following documents :

a) *Power of Attorney - Specimen copy is inclosed - Click Here

b) *Demand Letter - Specimen copy is inclosed - Click Here

c) *Employment Contract - Specimen copy is inclosed.However, Employers can provide their employment contracts - Click Here

*All these documents should be on your original company letter heads, duly singed by the authorized signatory of the Company with a Company Seal on it.

Please ensure that categories mentioned in the original visa approval should match with your demand letter and employment contract. In case of Labors, all these documents should be duly signed and should be attested by the Indian Embassy / Consulate in Saudi Arabia.

The proper documentation work will help all concerned to have smooth sailing of recruited candidates to host country.

Air-Tickets of all International & Domestic Airlines, are available with us.

Melco Management Consultants can streamline your customer acquisition and make your business more profitable and life comfortable.

Melco Management Consultants enables a seamless extension its HR support to provide efficient and quality service to your customer care needs. We work with each expat client on an ongoing basis to customize our service applications to assist them in meeting their overseas miscellaneous processing jobs. The following bullets highlight our services for expat Gulf NRIs & Gulf Employers. Now you have the power to sit back in your country and get your jobs done thru us saving time and cost, hasslefree!

In order to provide following assistance and services to Gulf Companies and NRIs in Saudi Arabia and in other GCC Countries for processing their employment and family visas, emigration clearances and attestation of documents such as Degree/Diploma Certificates/Marriage Certificates etc we require necessary documents such as Power of Attorney (Vakala), Original Visa Payment Slip, Visa Approval from the Ministry of Interior, a copy of Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificate etc especially in case of visa processing formalities for Saudi Arabia. However, in order to comply with these basic formalities, if you need a copy of our recruitment license and Saudi ID Card, please do contact us. We shall respond to you immediately.

  • Human Resources & Recruitment Services
  • Saudi Visa Processing at Saudi Consulates & Embassies
  • Family Visa Processing at Saudi Consulates & Embassies
  • Certificate Attestation from U.A.E / Saudi Consulates & Embassies
  • Emigration Clearance at POE
  • Domestic & International Air-Ticketing
  • Umraah and Haj Services
  • Foriegn Exchange
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Airport Transfer
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